Celebrities Kiss Their Kids On The Lips In Support Of David Beckham

Celebrities show support for David Beckham.frankiebridge/Instagram

David Beckham has recently received cruel and inappropriate comments after sharing a picture of himself kissing daughter Harper on the lips.

Not only did the retired footballer get trolled online by those with nothing better to do, he was also ridiculed on Good Morning Britain by professional moaner Piers Morgan.

Piers described the innocent kiss as being ‘weird’ and ‘creepy’, even smooching show guest Peter Andre in an attempt to make some sort of point.

Fortunately, David has received plenty of support from sympathetic parents, who spoke freely and fondly about kissing their own children on the lips.

Many parents – including celebrities – have shared pictures of themselves kissing their children on the lips, in a demonstration of solidarity with the Beckhams.

The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge – who is married to David’s former teammate Wayne Bridge – Instagrammed a short clip which showed her kissing one of her young sons.

In the caption, the 29-year-old pop star wrote:

I’ve always kissed my kids on the lips… and that will continue until they naturally don’t want to… just like it naturally happened with me and my parents and there’s and so on and so on…
#family #son #mum #kiss

Vogue writer and men’s mental health podcaster, Jamie Day, also joined in; sharing a cute photo of himself and his daughter with the following caption:

How such an innocent display of affection gets twisted says so much more about those who find it weird than it does about those of us who don’t think twice about showing affection to our children… Pucker up Edie!

Over on Twitter, one doting father wrote:

This is normal imo. If #DavidBeckham has offended you then you’re the weird one! I love this girl more than life itself and I shall kiss her until she thinks is weird.

Another proud parent wrote:

I’m with David Beckham on this, kissing your child is not a crime, showing your child love and affection is not a crime, my boy is my world and will continue to kiss him on the lips until he tells me otherwise.

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