Huge Volcanic Eruption On Indonesian Island Where 1300 Died In Earthquake

volcano in IndonesiaBNPB Indonesia/Twitter

A volcano has erupted in Sulawesi, Indonesia, where this week more than 1,300 people died after an earthquake and tsunami hit the island.

The volcano, Mount Soputan, is located on the north of the island, and erupted just before 9am local time this morning, Wednesday, October 3.

A column of ash and smoke could be seen rising from the mountain. There are currently no reports of evacuations, with people in the area being advised to remain indoors.

BNPB Indonesia tweeted (translated):

Soputan Mountain, Southeast Sulawesi Province, North Sulawesi Province erupted as high as 4,000 meters, 3/10/2018 at 08.47 WITA. The ash column with strong pressure was observed to be gray to brown with thick intensity inclined towards west & northwest. Level 3 status (Alert) & 4 Km Safe radius.

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