Massive Black Bear Breaks Into Family Car And Destroys Everything

Huge bear smashes car window.ViralHog

A surreal video has emerged which shows the moment a huge black bear smashes its way out of a car before sidling off; not giving a pooh stick about the destruction left in its path.

Shot in Ashville, North Carolina, the bizarre footage begins with a concerned group of humans attempting to free the large bear from a car.

It is unclear how and why the bear found himself trapped in the vehicle, but I for one suspect there must have been a tempting honey pot of some sorts on the backseat.

The footage appears to have been captured from the doorway of a home, with the accidental nature documentarian putting an extremely understandable distance between themselves and the big hairy creature.

Carefully opening the car door before stepping away, the humans become increasingly frustrated as the door continues to swing shut behind them.

One brave man – referred to as Alex by the rest – approaches the car and can be seen fiddling about with the handle. Meanwhile, the bear can be seen clawing at the door, impatient to bust out back to the woods.

Alex’s friends look increasingly nervous as they watch him tinkering around with only a small pane of glass separating him from the bear’s claws. And they certainly aren’t in any rush to give him a hand…

Trying to coax Alex away, one anxious friend can be heard saying, ‘Why don’t you just wait and let it be the person whose job this is?’

Another friend suddenly notices something strange and worrying, ‘He’s putting the window down…’, causing the other friend to shriek Alex’s name in alarm.

Just as Alex turns to sprint away, the window splinters behind him action movie style; smashed through with the bear’s mighty paw. Moments later, the bear is wriggling out from the window with surprising grace.

Shaggy body finally exposed, the humans can be heard gasping as they realise what an enormous animal they have been dealing with.

Huge bear breaks free from car.ViralHog

As the bear moseys off, the humans can be heard shooing him away as if he was a pesky squirrel, with unintentionally amusing cries of, ‘Go on! Get!’

A flabbergasted human witness said:

The neighbors had a bear in their car! They came home, took the kids in the house with the car door open, came back to close the door not realizing until later that the bear was inside. Their car was totaled inside.

While the drama unfolds and the bear gets out and saunters away, we walk back home across the street to find that same bear has walked in our house to go through my kitchen drawers. We found him in our garage eating a muffin mix. We scared him off but he broke a few drawers. Glad that was all!

Those who have watched the video have been left awestruck by the bear’s strength. Paddington Bear this is certainly not.

One person gaped:

He smashed that window like it was made of sugar.

Another sympathised:

Poor window, it never stood a chance.

Huge bear smashes car window.ViralHog

Maybe this bear would be more comfortable seated in a Furrari… Badum-tish!

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