Naughty Dog Brings Hose Inside And Destroys House

Naughty Dog Brings Hose Inside And Destroys House doghosethumbViralHog

Apart from those lost souls out there who hate dogs, we all love dogs. 

Not fussing over whether you’re someone who excels in the fields of quantum physics or can’t tie their own shoelaces, any given hound will love you unconditionally, waiting on your every move.

Not to mention any names, but cats for instance… they are not at your beck and call. They would judge your job or career prospects if they possessed the communicational chops.

A dog will come over, have a snuggle, rest their head on your lap, maybe even give an innocent lick or two, and for no gain. It’s all affection, freeloader owner or not.

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Loyalty is another winner. Say if you robbed a bank, injuring many innocent citizens in the doing, hijacked a car on your way home away from the scene, then got in explained to your dog in the most simplistic ways possible what you had just done and to add extra salt to the wound then proclaimed, ‘I hate you and every other dog in the world’ it’s tail would still be wagging in the hopes of walkies.

Sometimes, though, dogs can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Take boxer dog Winston in Brighton, Colorado in the U.S. He’s a naughty old chap.

Look at this video of him lay waste to the family home with a hose:

Enough about bad dogs. Let’s go back to how great they are in the form of one pooch who goes the extra mile to greet his owner’s return home from work by claiming on the roof.

Six year old Visla, Murray, climbs up to the highest point of his owner A J Allee’s house, standing proud on top of the roof.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD last month, Allee explained how he was initially scared the first time Murray did this a year ago.

Naughty Dog Brings Hose Inside And Destroys House MURRAY ROOF WEBUNILAD

He said:

Murray, a six-year-old Vizsla, however doesn’t just run to owner A J Allee when he returns home.

Murray has so much energy. He loves to please and loves his owners, always sticking by your side.

To reach the top he climbs the stairs at the back of the house then leaps six feet to get to the first level roof.

He then leaps again to get to the second level roof.

The first time he did it I was scared and we tried to keep him from doing it but it turned out that the breed is known for climbing on things.

While the breed may be known for ‘climbing on things’, Allee adds he hasn’t heard of other dogs doing this and to be honest nor have we!

It is no wonder then the neighbours have been left ‘amused and shocked’ by Murray’s abilities!